marzo 22, 2011

Thai Yoga Massage - Intensive 1

TORRE DEL MAR Eastern Weekend 2011 

“Trust the universe...accept its messages…
and keep your motives clean.

Then the client's body will tell you which way to go”

 John Upledger

“When the body gets working appropriately,
the force of gravity can flow through. Then, 

spontaneously, that new body heals itself”

 Ida Rolf

 “The greatest of all pleasures 

is the pleasure of learning”



“The mind cannot forget what the hands have learned”
Jon Zahourek

TARGETS: Yoga instructors wishing to
learn the healing yoga technique that best
complements hatha yoga and meditation.
Massage therapists truly interested in learn-
ing the most accomplished Eastern body-
work method. Anyone wanting to train in
the physical practice of Traditional Thai
Medicine that for countless generations has
proved highly effective to treat chronic
stress, acute stress, anxiety, depression, confusion, anger, fear, panic attacks, PTSD,
hypertension, digestive disorders, lumbago, and scores of psychosomatic conditions.

OBJECTIVES: To learn the basic posture series that will allow practitioners deliver full 90-minute
sessions. To practice the transitions, alignments, details, and body mechanics that will
warrant practitioners effectiveness and effortlessness. To study business tactics. To
discuss basic facts on ethics.

BENEFITS: Students will acquire the confidence necessary to absorb the essence of technique,
and will experience firsthand the amazing healing power of Thai Yoga Massage.

PROGRAM: Introduction. Demo. The 4 Basics. Seated Series. Prone Series. Yoga and meditation

 Full MYT practice. Closure.

 LENGHT: 35 hours SPACE 16 students

WHEN: Eastern Weekend 2011

: Wednesday 20, 20:00 hrs.

Classes: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9:30 - 14:30; 16:30 - 21:30 hrs.

Closure: Sunday 10:00 - 15:00 hrs

: CENTRO DE YOGA KWAN YIN. Conjunto Juan Carlos Primero, Fase 2. El Tomillar.

TUITION: € 350. Must call to reserve space! Manual, one full meal, snacks. Bring four towels,
and wear comfortable clothing, any color.

 LODGING: € 40 In private quarters; Wednesday night through Saturday night. Please bring
sleeping bag, towel, blanket. Call ahead to reserve.

:  Mirian Gutiérrez Medina - 666 225 803  ayur-veda@hotmail.es

 Mariví Gomez Ruiz - 696 343 569  grmarivi@hotmail.com

 INSTRUCTOR: Vladimir Gil – KYTA 1452 vladimiro@cantv.net; vlagil@gmail.com

 Instructor in Kripalu Yoga (www.kripalu.org) and Yoga of the Heart
(www.abundantwellbeing.com). Group Leader in MBSR, Stress Reduction Clinic, del
Center for Mindfulness, University of UMass School of Medicine (www.umassmed.edu/ cfm/srp/). Practitioner Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (www.pryt.com) Practitioner


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